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""Oliver opened the program and showed a different kind of cool""

Marty Munson,
The Morning Call

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  Tap Music for Tap Dancers, Vol #1: Swingin' Tappin' & Jammin'
David Leonhardt Trio

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Arranged for professional tap dancers, tap dance teachers and students of all levels for the study and practice of improvisation and choreography. No Taps on CD. You dance along. Simple arrangements for easy dancing. Practice guidelines are provided.
1. Cute
2. Tenor Madness
3. Strike Up The Band
4. The Girl from Ipanema
5. Swingin' Fast Blues
6. On the Sunny Side of the Street [MP3]
7. Jammin' Slow Blues
8. Cute (up tempo version) [MP3]
9. Perdido (stop time)
10. Jumpin' at the Woodside (stop time)
11. Tappin' (stop time) [MP3]
12. Dave's Shim Sham
Produced by Shelley Oliver and David Leonhardt
All arrangements by David Leonhardt.

David Leonhardt: piano
Bruce Cox: drums
Lee Hudson: bass


Buster Brown Tap Dance Star [Apr 25, 2003]
"These tap CDs are beautiful to listen to! "
Fred Strickler Tap Dance Star [Apr 25, 1999]
"It is the most danceable music for tap that I've ever heard. Every cut."
Vol #1: Swingin' Tappin' & Jammin' (read)
Diane Walke Tap Dance Star [Apr 25, 1998]
"Every tap dancer on the planet should have this Tap CD !"

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