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"Shelley Oliver is a warm, frank, and flirtatious dancer. "

Sally Sommer,
The Village Voice

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Another sell-out
Marynell Kelly
The Express Times
Jul 16, 1999

Sounds of tap at Deerhead Inn

Shelley Oliver, professional tap dancer and choreographer, will be celebrating the release of her new CD, "Swingin', Tappin' & Jammin'" at the Deerhead Inn in Delaware Water Gap with an evening of tap dance and jazz music April 9th.

"The Deerhead Inn is the hallmark of jazz in the Poconos," says Oliver of her choice in location. "It is the right environment with the right audience."

In addition to the selections that will be performed by Oliver, she will share the stage with members from the Muhlenberg Tap Ensemble and guest singer, Nancy Reed. Musical accompaniment is the David Leonhardt Trio.

One of the cuts from the CD, "Jumpin' at the Woodside," which premiered in December at the Empie Theater, Muhlenberg College, will be tapped by two of the Ensemble members.

"Last year Shelley Oliver performed with Buster Brown and both shows were sold out," says Chris Solliday, co-owner of the Deerhead Inn. "I anticipate another sell-out for both shows. This type of thing doesn't happen very often."

The release of this CD is a culmination of over 20 years of dedication and experience to dance, specifically tap.

Canadian born, Oliver graduated high school and immediately left for London. During that time, she studied classical ballet, modern dance and tap at the Pineapple Studio in Covent Gardens. Upon returning to Canada, she studied a year with the Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers before pursuing a degree in Psychology and graduating from York University in Toronto, Canada.

Armed with experience and her desire to perform, Oliver found her way to New York City where she studied at the Cunningham School and took tap classes from Charles Cookie-Cook.

"In the early 80's, there was a real renaissance of tap. It was felt that jazz tap was not just dance, but foremost a musical form," says Oliver. "It is a true American Dance."

During that time, she also appeared as a finalist on Star Search.

"It was a wonderful experience. I got to meet the comedian Dennis Miller.

-- Marynell Kelly The Express Times

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